Learn More Study Less Review

We are talking here about an ebook written by Scott Young.

How to describe Learn More Study Less?

As it says in the title, Learn More Study Less helps you learn more with less studying. But I rather call it a complete learning system. As you probably already know, only memorisation of facts is unpleasant and you quickly get fed up with it. I usually almost fall asleep after more than twelve lines of facts.
What Scott Young explains in his ebook is how to make your learning more efficient and joyful.

Before you read any further, make sure that we are talking about the same course!

The book is very well written so you can easily read through it. In spite of that it is actually 228 pages long. And as I like to say: It is more than just a book. It is a course. 
The methods for learning more and studying less can be implemented in two ways:

  • The 228-page ebook, case studies & worksheets for $39
  • 6 hours of videos and a set of interviews in addition to the ebook, case studies & worksheets for $67

The book is separated in four parts. 

First part takes out The Holistic Learning Strategy. This is something completely opposite of your known ways of studying now. Reading your notes again and again is not studying. Definitely not. Holistic Learning is something that will teach you how to explore what you already know and connect this or link to what you have to learn. It is the opposite of rote memorization. Holistic learning uses the web of neurons you have. It creates the webs of information. It connects one idea to another idea. So when you remember something, you also remember some other idea that is useful in this particular problem you have. This is just very useful.

The second part tells you the all about the Holistic Learning Techniques. Scotth will teach you all from ways of acquiring information to the ways of storing the information. This part of the book is the essential element of the whole Learn More, Study Less strategy. It teaches you the essences of the methods. And what is best is that every technique comes with a mind challenge, so you can implement it right away. No waiting for the opportunity, the ebook just gives it all.

In the third part, you are taken Beyond Holistic Learning and Scott explains the other half of the book "Study Less". You focus on becoming a productive student, where you cut down the amount of time you spend in the books. As Scotth has time to run his business during the school and write as much as 7000 words per week, exercise and runs a Toastmasters club. And he still has time to spend with friends and enjoy weekends.

And in the part 4, the book analyzes your Strengths and Weaknesses, you start a mind challenge where you easily build new habits, etc. You will clearly see that nothing can replace motivation. You must find your very own reason or reasons for learning. And even if the reason is as simple as curiosity, you have to find a reason to want to know.
A nice recap is also in this part.

It is a nice helpful pleasant feeling book. However, the reader must be inspired or needs to be, to follow and put ideas into practice. Or everything he read will be nothing.


I have always seen myself as a student who knows how to learn and go trough exams with less studying than others. Yes, I always had better grades and more spare time than others. Nevertheless, after reading Learn More, Study Less, I realized that there is still a big room for improvements.

I would proclaim this ebook and everything you get with it as a must-have for all college students, especially those who don't have much spare time or simply just want better grades.